Five easy ways to add colour to your kitchen

Five easy ways to add colour to your kitchen

We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it’s preparing meals, making coffee or stealing a quick snack when nobody’s looking. Your kitchen should therefore be a place where you feel inspired, comfortable and happy – and choosing the right colour scheme can really help to make this happen. With that in mind, here are 5 ideas to add some colour to your kitchen.


1.   Brighten up a neutral kitchen with accessories

Want to add a little more character to your kitchen, but don’t want a long-term colour commitment? No worries. Instead, make time to accessorise! Choose a colour palette that works well with the neutral surrounds, and start picking out some statement pieces, like rugs, lights, plates, soft furnishings…the list is endless! You’ll be surprised what a huge impact this can make to your kitchen.


neutral kitchen by kitchen craftsmen


2.   Add colour with benchtops and splashbacks

Nothing adds personality to your kitchen quite like a colourful benchtop or splashback. After all, these are focal points – so why not make them stand out? At Kitchen Craftsmen, we offer a number of designer kitchen ranges boasting painted glass, a variety of benchtop colours and designs and so much more! View our kitchen photo gallery to see how some of our customers have successfully incorporated colour into their kitchens. 


colourful kitchen cabinet


3.   Colourful cabinets

It’s not just your benchtops and splashback that can add colour to your kitchen – your cabinets are a great place to start, too! Luckily, Kitchen Craftsmen has everything you need. Love the rich tones of wood prints, or the elegance of real timber? You’ll find plenty of options in our designer kitchen ranges. Wood cabinets not only add colour to your kitchen, but also add a real sense of warmth and style.


Not a big fan of wood cabinets? No problem! Kitchen Craftsmen also offers a huge range of stunning colours and materials to help your kitchen cabinets achieve the eye-catching effect they deserve. Check out some of our kitchen photos.


Add a coat of paint in the kitchen


4.     Add a coat of paint

This may seem a little self-explanatory, but there’s really nothing quite like paint to freshen up a space and give a real sense of individuality to your kitchen. Better still, it’s something you can change easily enough, if, in a few years, you want to try something new. Make sure to do your research before grabbing the paintbrush, and grab plenty of paint swatches to see how they’ll work in the space.

Colour kitchen appliances


5.   Colourful appliances

From kettles to toasters and even ovens to fridges, colourful appliances are making a real statement in kitchens all over Perth. If you’re interested in adding colour with appliances, start off small and build up your collection from there. Even one or two statement pieces can make a huge effect, especially if the rest of your kitchen is neutral. Why not give it a go in your kitchen today?


install kitchen



There are plenty of other ways to add colour to your kitchen, but we hope this 5 tips gave you something to think about! If you’d like to talk more about ways to use colour to best effect in your kitchen, why not talk to one of our experienced designers today, or visit your local Kitchen Craftsmen showroom


Posted on 01 May 2016