What to expect

Having a renovation of any kind can often be stressful, mainly due to disruption to your normal routine and the worry that things will be as you expect them. We know it's better to be eyes wide open about a project so you know what to expect.


Timescale: 5 - 10 days

Design and quote

Once we have a copy of your house plans or an accurate plan of your kitchen space we can discuss what you would like, design your new kitchen and provide a written estimate. This usually takes 5 days but we are always happy to try and work to your time scale. In addition to this, if you prefer we are able to visit your home and carry out a site survey and this is free to customers as we refund the $200 booking fee once you have placed your order.

Check measure

If you have supplied the kitchen measurements then we will always carry out a check measure once you have paid your deposit. With these measurements we then revise the kitchen design if required and provide you with a final quotation for your cabinets, benchtops and fittings. At this point we can also provide an estimate on plumbing and electrical work for those clients who would like us to take care of everything. Otherwise we will arrange and manage these trades and allow you to pay them directly.


A few days before we are due to start work at your property our project manager will contact you by telephone or email to introduce the installation team. They will be responsible for your installation project and can be contacted with any questions you may have. They work closely with your designer to ensure things go smoothly.


Timescale: 5 - 21 days subject to specification

Day 1 - Disconnecting plumbing and electrics

This is where the 'fun' starts! You can't have a new kitchen without the old being taken out and this can't happen until the water and electricity are temporarily disconnected. Where possible, any new pipes or wiring will also be carried out on this day.

Day 2 - Removing your old kitchen and delivery of new cabinets

Once the services are disconnected the old kitchen cabinetry is removed and disposed of. This precedes any building work that is required such as removing walls or bulkheads. An average size kitchen can take several hours to remove and can include tile removal too.
We also deliver your new kitchen cabinets on this day and will store them in the empty kitchen area if possible, to reduce the disruption to your home. It is very worthwhile to be at home to receive your new kitchen and to sign the delivery documents.

Day 3 - Installing your new kitchen

The real work begins when one of our fully qualified and experienced installers begins to bring your new kitchen to life. Working with the agreed plan they will carry out the required work. This will involve the usual noise, sawdust and disruption that you would expect but the end result is always worthwhile and our installers and friendly and hardworking.

Day 4 - Installing your new kitchen / Reconnecting electrics and plumbing

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the installer will be with you for up to 2 days, sometimes 3. The last day with the installer is usually when the doors go on, laminate benchtops are fitted and adjustments are made. It can also be when the plumber and electrician returns to reconnect your services. Then the kitchen is useable again!

Day 5 - Stone benchtop template

If you have specified stone benchtops we will need to make a template only once the cabinets are fitted. Using specialised digital measuring equipment we take an accurate image of the benchtop area and then get to work making your new stone tops. The measuring takes about 1 hour and is usually either on the final day of cabinet installation or the next day available working day.
It is very important to note that during manufacturing time, your sink and cooktop will not be useable. If you have limited access to washing and cooking elsewhere we can install temporary benchtops and temporarily connect water and electricity. This costs a little more of course as it requires additional visits from the plumber and electrician. Please tell us in advance if you want this service.

Day 14 - Install benchtops

Approximately 10 working days after we have template, your new benchtops are ready to install. We arrange a morning or afternoon appointment with you and the installation can take up to 3 hours subject to size and complexity. Once they are fitted, your kitchen really does start to look like the beautiful room you had been working towards!

Day 15 – Reconnect water and electrics

Once the benchtops are installed, the cooktop and sinks can be fitted and connected. This is when they become ready to use and enjoy. Your kitchen renovation is now complete…unless of course you are decorating, changing your flooring or adding a splashback!

Final day - handover

Once we have completed the agreed renovations including any snag items that can occur, we will complete our inspection paperwork and request final payment. Once this is received we issue your warranty and leave you to enjoy your new kitchen. But of course we are always available to help with normal adjustments or give you advice on how to care for your kitchen.

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